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Publishers face three constant pressures: the evolution of publishing technology, the need to compress cycle time, and the concern for controlling costs. Editorial production and ad traffic systems must be adaptable to new publishing platforms, and your staff must be nimble and well-trained. Printmarks workflow consulting services can help.

There are many reasons to assess workflow:

• reducing costs by evaluating outsourcing services versus in-house production

• expanding publishing options by integrating new technologies for content management

• improving cycle time with document management procedures and software

• increasing efficiency by adjusting workflow and departmental organization

• coordinating circulation, advertising, and production with better systems for communication, ad traffic, and billing

• developing your next publishing platform: web, mobile, e-mail, tablet, and whatever comes next

With experience in the production systems needed for business-to-business, consumer, and scientific/technical/medical publishing, we can help publishers assess options and make the key decisions to improve workflow.

The technology is important, but people are what make a system succeed. Our goal is to bring out the strengths of your staff and equip them with the tools theyll use best. But the process almost always involves major changes in job description, work sequence, and training. Accordingly, a workflow project is a change project.

the Printmark approach


Change takes courage, imagination, and commitment. And change that leads to lasting innovations requires individuals and groups to forge common goals and invest in the process and the outcome. When we undertake a process improvement assignment, we begin by earning the participants’ trust and establishing a stimu­lating setting for transformation. We strive to be a catalyst for your staff’s inno­vation and we serve them, rather than presenting a canned workflow recipe we’ve brought with us.


Printmark inspires courage. First, we work to bring existing efficiencies and skills to light, and to enhance what you do best. The staff can take pride in what’s already working well. As outsiders, we can uncover problems, either because we’ve seen them before or because we’ve challenged an overlooked assumption. But the search for problems is not the end product of the work. We are equally interested in facilitating your staff’s confrontation of assumptions, and their increased understanding of how one per­son’s work depends on another’s.


Printmark nurtures imagination. New ideas emerge when people begin to think more about the out­comes they seek than the processes they currently undertake to reach them. In fact, in any job, there are usually a good number of blind spots, in which a process has obscured a goal. When we establish desired outcomes, we can work freely to identify the simplest, smoothest processes to reach them.


Printmark builds commitment. The changes organizations embrace best are the ones they invent. Engaging your staff in developing new procedures means investing in them, and trusting them to apply their insights wisely and collectively. By focusing on tangible goals and specific techniques, we help them see change is possi­ble. And when the project is finished, the staff owns the solutions, even those Printmark helped to create.

The pace of change is demanding. At Printmark, we track technology to be ready to solve your problems today, and tomorrow.

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