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Every few years you have a chance to cut manufacturing costs by negotiating a new printing contract.  Seize the opportunity, and let Printmark help you obtain the best prices on the market.

Printer selection is not a simple process. Printers vary enormously in cost structure and pricing philosophy. It’s not only difficult to compare quotations accurately, it’s hard to know if a printers best price is even on the table. And because technology and capacity drive a printers prices, the skillful negotiator needs to know the marketplace inside and out.

With years of bidding experience and sophisticated quotation analysis software, Printmark can help you. We can estimate your savings under current market prices to help you decide between renewal and a full market bid. Then, if you decide to test the market, we can construct a detailed request for proposal (RFP) designed to elicit competitive bids.

Negotiating print prices requires market insight and technical knowledge. We begin by analyzing bids in depth, and reporting to you on the cost impact of a host of variables, from trim size to paper choice. We break down each printers pricing strengths and weaknesses for you, and then use our negotiating skills to perfect each bidders offer.

Analyzing the competition for your printing dollar is crucial, even if your current printer continues to merit your work. The bidding process begins with a skillfully constructed quotation request and ends with a critical decision. Printmark offers you the technical and financial guidance to make that choice a wise one.
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