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Your paper purchasing strategy has a significant impact on the overall profitability of your publishing operation. Printmark is poised to help you develop a procurement approach that reduces your short-term and long-term costs.

Your options include merchant purchasing, mill direct purchasing, stock specification through a printer, and printer pool stock purchasing. Evaluating the merits of these choices is especially difficult if the only voices you hear represent potential suppliers. Printmark helps you analyze the real advantages and disadvantages of each source of supply with an impartial and insightful perspective and years of experience.

Negotiating paper prices today requires keen observation of the paper marketplace and the operating rates of all mills. Obtaining price concessions is not merely a matter of the volume a publisher brings to the table. To secure the best price, you need to know the marketplace and the prevailing prices for comparable tonnage—insights Printmark can provide while maintaining the confidentiality of all our clients.

Selecting a paper purchasing channel requires more than comparing hundredweight prices. Printmark’s review includes an assessment of the cost of money under the payment terms available from different sources of supply. It also covers an analysis of potential controls on price escalation, and your assurance of paper supply. The complete analysis will help you select the optimal paper purchasing arrangement.

Mill and merchant relationships are about more than price paid. To insure that your quality and service requirements are met, Printmark can help you identify the suppliers who will truly meet your publishing objectives. And our negotiating techniques balance the pursuit of best pricing with the creation of a positive climate for your ongoing purchasing relationship.

Paper purchasing requires ongoing strategy. After you’ve selected the best purchasing channel, you’ll need to review periodically your blend of contract and spot purchases, your balance of primary and secondary sources, and the ongoing market forces that can affect your costs.

The optimal paper purchasing strategy has immediate, cost-cutting impact. You can put Printmark to work for you with a call today.

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