consultants to magazine publishers

Publishing entrepreneurs have found Printmark especially valuable for magazine launches. We can supply your complete production staff during critical planning stages, before you commit to a salaried staff.

For your business plan, you need to project costs for manufacturing and distribution. In fact, you not only need prices, but sound advice on the specifications that can give your magazine the ideal production values for your audience. Printmark offers insight on all the possibilities, and we do it with samples and solid cost estimates.

Taking the magazine to the marketplace goes faster and easier with Printmarks help. We’ll advise you on the appropriate printers for the job and obtain bids. Your credibility as a buyer is immediately enhanced when printers know Printmark is behind you.

Your first printing contract must give you every protection and cost control advantage for your new venture to succeed. We’ll use all our years of experience to negotiate it, offering you insights on the price and performance issues that mean the most to new publishers.

The transition from planning to production requires a well-designed in-house system. We can configure a publishing system and establish procedures for handling copy, ads, and producing pages. Publishers often call on us to define job descriptions and assist with hiring.

You can rely on our experience with magazine launches. We’ll remind you to obtain an ISSN number from the Copyright Office, help you get your rate card printed, advise on postal requirements, find a printer for bind-in cards, and much more. In short, Printmark can keep your launch on track during the time your staff is at a minimum.

You bring substantial experience to your new magazine. Printmark can provide the support you need to tackle the big issues without worrying about the details. Our nuts and bolts approach can complement your vision, and help you bring your magazine to life.

To help launch magazines, we strive to be flexible, fast, and smart—qualities we think all publishers will appreciate, but which entrepreneurs will find essential. Call or e-mail today and tell us about your new magazine.

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