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You entrust your printer with the product that makes your reputation, and your printing contract sets a course that will be in place for years. You need to be confident that your contract is the best it can be.

Whether it’s time to renew or negotiate with a new printer, you can benefit from Printmark’s contract services. We negotiate printing agreements regularly, not once every few years. And we’ve helped clients execute contracts with every major printer in the country. That kind of expertise can make the entire process more efficient for you.

We advise on key provisions you’ll find it beneficial to incorporate. Most contracts are silent on performance aspects you’ll wish to clarify, and say all too much on points you’ll benefit from eliminating. We summarize negotiation issues for your approval, and seek the printer’s agreement in principle first.

Then we draft a comprehensive revision, articulating your interests. We’ll help you see the consequences of provisions governing everything from indemnification to payment terms. Throughout the negotiation, we work closely with you to define strategy.

We’ll negotiate firmly and fairly on your behalf. Ethically fastidious, we are nevertheless relentless in our pursuit of an agreement beneficial to you throughout its term. In negotiations with the printer’s representatives, we seek compromises through insight into the printer’s perspective and understanding of your interests.

You’ll still rely on your attorney for final review of the contract. Our work is not a legal service, and we provide it alongside the counsel of your choice. We can help you, and your attorney, understand the unique aspects of the printing industry that affect contract provisions.

Printmark can help you create a contract that serves both you and your printer beneficially. You’ll be able to enter into a partnership that gives you long-term security, satisfaction, and savings.

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