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To create accurate forecasts of manufacturing and distribution costs, you need more than last years totals, or averages that cant reflect the cost subtleties of changes in specifications and volume.

Printing price structures are complex and require experience to interpret and apply to the many variables that make up your print requirements.

With special expertise in both Microsoft Excel model design and printing price structures, we have been building customized budget models that can:

• optimize imposition and press use by cost

• calculate prepress, presswork, ink, binding, paper, postage, and freight 

• allow what-if comparisons of changes in trim size, paper basis weight, pages, quantity, and any other variable you’d like to study

• report detailed issue costs, allowing you to audit printer invoices

• summarize costs by cost center, by fixed and variable amounts, by per page and per page per M increments, with any customized format you require

• perform error checks, to verify that all specifications and production requirements are entered and to help you avoid forecasting mistakes

• apply escalations for any cost center

• run instant, dynamic budget changes, like increasing or decreasing volume by a fixed percentage on all issues, or adding or subtracting pages

• save budgeting time by organizing variables in quick, easy-to-follow entry panels

Printmark models are customized for your printer, and for your unique publishing requirements. Because the model uses variables wherever possible, instead of fixed numbers, it’s already easy to customize further. There are no manufacturing and distribution cost questions it cant answer, so consider adding this time-savings tool to your budgeting process by calling Printmark today.

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