consultants to magazine publishers

About Printmark

Printmark was founded by Alex Brown in 1984, and serves magazine publishers as a resource for production and distribution expertise.

What we do
Were specialists. We watch the print and paper marketplace constantly, so that on the day you need us, we have the answers.

We track the state of the art in digital publishing technology, so that we can save you time and money.

How we think

We design systems to manage publishing workflow for advertising and editorial, to keep your entire operation on time and on budget. 

We know how to analyze printing costs, and how to help you strike the perfect balance between quality, service, and price when you select a printer. 

We know magazine launches. We can help with everything from business plans to postal permits, and we can guide you through the dozens of production details every start-up must confront

We negotiate printing contracts, offering special insights on price and performance that can make your contract a source of long-term savings and confidence.

Why we listen

We know how to listen to publishers and printers, and how to get them talking to each other about new opportunities for savings and improvements in quality and service.

And we share our insights. We start every assignment with a commitment to help our clients understand both the technology and the 
marketplace. We tell you why we make the recommendations we do. Because well work closely with you on your project, youre not only getting the results but the ability to build on them in the future.

What we know
We offer four key skills:
• Financial analysis
Printmarks expertise in analyzing manufacturing and distribution costs is of special value to publishers. Our steadfast concentration on the magazine market allows me to go beyond general business principles and into the heart of publishing economics, with special intelligence concerning the printing industry. We also offer unparalleled computer modeling skills.

• Strategic thinking

Our ability to balance micro and macro views of technology, printing marketplace forces, and publishing strategies gives you a critical resource as you face difficult decisions. With over 26 years of experience, we’ve developed solutions to schedule, workflow, and pricing problems that have served my customers well. We’re a big picture thinkers who also know that the foundation of many best practices is a keen grasp of details.


• Negotiation skills

As you seek price, schedule, quality, and workflow improvements from your printer, you’ll want to walk away confident you’ve left nothing on the table. Because we know prevailing trends in the marketplace overall, we can set targets and pursue concessions shrewdly while maintaining a positive printer-publisher relationship. Printers respect our negotiating skills and reward our clients with their best offers.


• Technology mastery

Print technology, from prepress to press controls, has long been an area of special concentration for us. Understanding the technology has enabled us to analyze cost consequences and pursue savings with special insight. Your internal and external workflow has a bearing on both price and schedule, and your specifications dictate an optimal manufacturing plan. We apply our knowledge of these technical issues to negotiate successful printer-publisher relationships, and to optimize editorial and advertising workflows.